Beijing Highking Law Firm was established in 2004 and is situated in Beijing's National Central Business District. Equipped with legal expertise, Highking is a highly professional legal services provider in the capital market and has risen to become an industry leader in numerous fields. Its scope of business expertise covers fields such as corporate, securities, finance, taxation, real estate, cross-border investment and family trusts among others. Highking also ranks highly with regard to the number of Supreme People's Court cases it has undertaken. Since its inception, Highking has consistently earned the praise of each customer through its quality service, marked by its  professional acumen, coupled with unity of theory and practice. Entrusted with great responsibility, Highking is committed to zero negligence and absolute sincerity which has  culminated in success in  both major and difficult cases. Sparing no effort along with full-hearted dedication,   Highking has strategically achieved courtroom victories to the surprise of its opponents. Successive victories in business mediations have been secured relying on  independent, prudent, precise and keen professional wisdom.  Relying on excellence without concession, perfection without compromise, commitment without reservation, countless astounding legal victories, wisdom coupled with strategy and devotion in conjunction with sharpness, “ Highking Law Firm” has firmly rooted its brand name in the legal and financial world.  


Adhering to the tenants of its  core culturera  of being all-embcing and benefiting others through diligence, Highking is dedicated to providing comprehensive premium-quality legal services to customers both at home and abroad  by means of honest hard work. Our supreme ideal is customers first, while our sincerest purpose is to achieve integrity, rigorousness and high-efficiency. Our most serious attitude consists of being fully-responsible and making an all-out effort, while our ultimate pursuit is safeguarding the interests of our customers.


By implementing a service mode which utilizes “ collective collaboration among lawyers, mutual cooperation, resource sharing and direct accountability to partners” Highking can fully leverage the overall advantages and provide clients with all-round legal services. Highking’ s partners are all highly-experienced lawyers who have practiced law for upwards of ten  years. Through complete records and systematic analysis, in-depth research and accurate refinement, these lawyers work on the frontline  to solve their clients’ legal conundrums. By using a sound talent selection mechanism, professional lawyer partners are meticulously filtered and selected, to form an elite team of well-rounded, well-seasoned and highly competent lawyers.


The extraordinary and multi-talented team of professionals at Highking is widely renowned and  its lawyers have all graduated from top law schools either domestically or abroad. Many of these lawyers once served as senior judges in courts all over the country. A number of lawyers are law professors, legal experts, arbitrators of arbitration committees and members of different professional committees of Beijing Lawyers’ Association. To stage a counterattack under dire circumstances and achieve an  awe-inspiring reversal, it can only be done by comparing sheer strength, testing true will power and exhausting profound wisdom. With an out  most sense of responsibility, Highking’ s teams  of lawyers are extremely focused,   performing extraordinary feats in ordinary circumstances and overcoming daunting challenges. With a profound sense of  professionalism they gather strength, bound by responsibility for their clients they stand tall and gain victories, grounded like a solid pillar in the crashing waves of disputes.


Highking has a large cliental scattered all over China, which bears testimony to their heartfelt diligence. For a long time, Highking has maintained stable and good  business cooperation among domestic and overseas legal  circles, financial  circles  and  various  social  circles as well as intermediary agencies such as well-known securities companies and accounting firms among others.  Moreover, Highking has established close business contacts with law firms in many countries around the globe and formed a comprehensive, wide-range and multi-level international network.