Highking lawyers are not only proficient in general corporate matters such as company establishment, corporate governance, company operation, dissolution, liquidation and bankruptcy, but also have deep understanding of industry policies and common practice. Highking lawyers have accumulated rich experience and a large number of template legal documents during decades of practice, which enble them to deal with various problems arising out of business operations in different industries, and fully meet clients requirements for legal services in corporate matters. Highking lawyers have been advising the Beijing SASAC as external legal counsel for more than ten years, and have been providing legal services for hundreds of enterprises, including large-scale state-owned enterprises monitored by the SASAC, listed companies and other large private enterprises.



● The establishment and deregistration of company

● M&A

● Corporate governance

● Risk management

● Contract management

● Labor and employment

● Liquidation, bankruptcy and company restructuring

● External legal counsel